Robustly [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Robustly:

He was robustly made, well proportioned, and had handsome features.

The figure of the stranger, though not very tall, was above the ordinary height, and gracefully rather than robustly formed.

Helen and Daisy agreed very well; Helen was robustly conscientious, and Daisy gently so.

Gentle Lamb certainly was, but the word is not large enough or robustly human enough to cover all his character.

He was fond of Washington, and robustly content with the world as he found it there and elsewhere.

He considered her with a medical eye, glad to see her bearing the signs of life lived freely and robustly in the open air.

This sacred theme is treated Scripturally and robustly without spurious sentimentalism.

Mr. de la Mare is at the opposite pole to poets so robustly at ease with experience as Browning and Whitman.

He might be as alive as herself to the direct demands of duty, but of its imaginative claims he was robustly unconscious.

All the weary steps to it, she knew, could scarcely have been climbed so robustly save by a hero.