Scrapped [verb]

Definition of Scrapped:

abandon; throw away

Synonyms of Scrapped:

Opposite/Antonyms of Scrapped:

Sentence/Example of Scrapped:

Perhaps in the future, we’ll not haul out not only bottles, cans, and food scraps to the curbside, but also a bucket of a concentrated pee.

No one in commercial aviation scraps a bad airplane and just starts over.

Among other changes, the IRS barred companies from hiding their free products from search engines and scrapped a years-old prohibition on the IRS creating its own online filing system.

To start, students must conduct an “environmental scan” by holding up everything they might use for their test, including their calculator and any scrap paper, in front of the webcam for three seconds each.

Holcomb scrapped to the edge, leaving nobody to fill the A gap.

Some people also buy them as worms for compost piles because they gobble up food scraps far faster than other earthworms — too fast, in fact.

The only places on the planet this Thismia has been reported were two marshy scraps of prairie in southeastern Chicago.

Uncertainty surrounding the pandemic led to that game being scrapped.

That event was scrapped but materialized later just outside the airport.

The prize both parties scrapped over was control of the redistricting process in 2021, a cause that built the National Democratic Redistricting Committee, encouraged by Barack Obama and led by former attorney general Eric Holder.