Scrapping [verb]

Definition of Scrapping:

abandon; throw away

Synonyms of Scrapping:

Opposite/Antonyms of Scrapping:

Sentence/Example of Scrapping:

Another major project, the 600-mile Atlantic Coast Pipeline, was scrapped in July after numerous delays and questions about whether it was needed.

Critics of online learning who worry remote instruction is already shortchanging students see even more of an incentive to scrap snow days.

As James Temple outlines, California needs to scrap century-old fire management policies to fight its wildfires.

The physician argued that scrapping the law during the coronavirus pandemic would be disastrous.

The replacement material that was supposed to stick to the third target was made incorrectly and had to be scrapped, records show.

The feature debut comes more than a year after Apple scrapped an earlier version of the long-delayed technology, called AirPower.

While Amazon chief Jeff Bezos earns billions, the company scrapped the two-euro-per-hour allowance that was granted to employees from March to the end of May.

In response to this reporting, the IRS agreed to major reforms, including banning companies from hiding their free products from search engines and scrapping a years-old prohibition on the IRS creating its own online filing system.

Borkar stands by the statement that “it is the fast casual’s job to educate people and give clarity” on what it is offering, which sometimes means the company needs to scrap a product causing more harm than good, and start over.

Change State Laws to Proportional VotingMany opponents of the Electoral College want to scrap it constitutionally.