Skiver [noun]

Definition of Skiver:

cutting tool

Synonyms of Skiver:

Opposite/Antonyms of Skiver:


Sentence/Example of Skiver:

Skiver is the outside of a sheepskin which has been split, the inner side being known as the flesher.

Kin I skiver er humans clean clar ercross de dissart, und retch back ter de eend o' de yeth, wid dese wun-eyed specks?

You don't mean to say that they skiver over such fences on purpose?

Bone and shell in small amounts were found here, and among them the skiver shown at d in plate 36.

Cherries are made in the same manner as grapes, and the stalk neatly covered with skiver leather.

How I execrated that ill-starred jade, and the Dutch skiver, but for whom I might at this moment have been my own master.