Sonic [adjective]

Definition of Sonic:

affecting animate nerve organs

Synonyms of Sonic:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sonic:


Sentence/Example of Sonic:

Like a sonic direction finder, Buregarde turned his head and listened.

"No, it is not sonic control," Brucco answered with a sober face.

Ashe touched the find and then gave the alert via the sonic code.

Loy's box, with its recorded English words and its sonic detectors, could translate for its master, too.

Then they tried other weapons—pistols, sonic beams, grenades—but always wearing protective equipment.

Carmody shrugged, and Starza calmly took out a sonic pistol and shot him in the belly.

It is doubtful if the peak of expenditures will be reached even under present legislation for sonic time yet to come.

An accelerating, effortless flight, a faint tremor as they passed the sonic barrier, then no sensory impressions at all.

Orbicular: round and flat, the diameters of the plane equal: in sonic moths, a round or oval macula in the median cell.

Below them a soft, barely audible whine ascended the sonic scale to a point of irritating inaudibility.