Unbeliever [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Unbeliever:

They sang once more, a hymn that prophesied woe to the unbeliever.

Shall we believe the oath of an unbeliever attainted of sacrilege?

"The unbeliever is for ever peeping forth from thee," was Marzak's dignified reply.

In this case the believers were all lost and the unbeliever saved.

She never was an atheist like Godwin, or an unbeliever of the Voltaire school.

All this, of course, only causes the unbeliever to blaspheme.

And here lies the improvement in the modern type of 'unbeliever.'

What if she had said, with the unbeliever, "There is no God?"

"You are an unbeliever, and everybody knows it, Master Putnam," said one near him.

Is not this worse in a Christian, than the bold sincerity of the unbeliever?