Wager [noun]

Definition of Wager:

money or something gambled

Synonyms of Wager:

Opposite/Antonyms of Wager:

Sentence/Example of Wager:

"I wanted to speak about that wager on Diablo," began Crane.

"I'll wager your mother would agree with me," suggested Linda.

Although I have lost my wager, he hath not yet lost the first prize.

I have gone ten foot, in a circ'lar di-rection, but that was for a wager.'

I wager that for this you would think me too an orator of a hundred parts.

I'll wager there was not a man amongst them who did not feel that he had been led into a trap.

Well, no matter, when it comes to battle, I'll wager that we will give the redcoats all they can do.

I'd be willing to wager that you'll do more running than fighting.

I'll wager he's living as quiet and respectable as any gentleman ever lived yet.'

Our wager is finished, and now your observations, it seems to me, are out of place.