Autonomic [adjective]

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As regards ethics, Baader rejects the Kantian or any autonomic system of morals.

But now being in a minority they supported the government in its anti-autonomic rigours.

We should notice right here the antagonism that exists between the middle division of the autonomic and the other two.

When we remember the workings of our autonomic nerves we may not wonder at that fact.

To this system Langley has lately given the name 'autonomic.'

And the end result seems to depend from the memories which have accumulated in our autonomic nerves.

That thing gibbering in the autonomic and voluntary nervous systems—merely fear.

In his above-cited essay on “the world-soul,” Schelling took the great step forward of apprehending nature as entirely autonomic.

Autonomic nervous system: The vegetative nervous system which controls vital functions,—as digestion, respiration, circulation.

Autonomic in itself, life submits itself to the general laws of evolution.