Backbites [verb]

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We are all friends; of course we are friends, and we all backbite each other and carry scandal and intrigue.

Mrs. Portal talked scandal herself and enjoyed it, but she didn't backbite, which is the difference between good and ill nature.

Backbite (Sir Benjamin), nephew of Crabtree, very conceited, and very censorious.

Even as thou art scandalizing others, thine own nature is being abased, whilst those whom thou dost backbite remain the same.

From these though descended our manners are mended,Though still we can grin and backbite!

Roger de Backbite and Peter de Toadhole are intended to be quite real.

Ivanhoe, too, is killed at the siege,—Sir Roger de Backbite having stabbed him in the back during the scene.

Besides, the way people gossip and backbite is the very devil!

He could not backbite, nor envy, nor prevaricate, nor jump at mean motives for generous acts.

A parcel of old women who delight in having some one to run down and backbite.