Scandalize [verb]

Definition of Scandalize:


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Sentence/Example of Scandalize:

Come inside this minute, before you scandalize my neighbors, she exclaimed.

But is it not creating a disturbance to scandalize all good Christians?

Ma heart's no' so saft as to permit a bit dog to scandalize the deid.

He chuckled beside me and, as if only to scandalize me, let his tongue run wilder yet.

By omission of duties, and by silence: by all these ways you may scandalize.

These are strange profanations, which scandalize even the least devout.

But, in addition, to scandalize me before the world––oh, how could you?

The others are too dissolute, and scandalize me by their love affairs and their quarrels.

This saying ought not to scandalize even the most devout theist.

If they yelp much longer at my heels, I'll scandalize them in good earnest!