Capper [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Capper:

Capper (appearing quietly from room L., and locking the door behind him).

I came to tell you, Alexander, Capper has explained all about—about the decoy!

I saw him thrust Capper outside, and close the door, and turn the key in it.

Then what, in the name of all that's wonderful, is Capper doing here?

"But, Capper—you remember me, Capper; I was your master's friend," went on the girl despairingly.

By the way, that quaint old servant, Capper—is he any better?

Then I flung myself upon the smaller man, who was no other than William Capper.

The doctor and I walked away side by side, and I knew that Capper was following.

But the strangest thing of all was the sight of the man Capper.

The doctor was arranging his collar and tie, and looking amazedly at Capper.