Topper [adjective]

Definition of Topper:

best, most important; highest

Synonyms of Topper:

Opposite/Antonyms of Topper:

Sentence/Example of Topper:

She heard no sound, and Mr. Bast's topper was missing from the hall.

Awfully well read and a topper at classics and history, and sang like a bird.

Topper, a bachelor.Dick Wilkins, a fellow apprentice of Scrooge's.

Oh, how I should have liked to give him a topper with the pole!

“That was a topper for him, Ydoll,” said Joe, as they stood outside.

“And now for a topper,” he cried, as the rod was raised by still another peg.

A "Topper" is one who is always billed at the top of the list of players.

With his two hands he crushed his topper back onto his head.

Topper, anything or person above the ordinary; a blow on the head.

This is Topper, and this is Snapper, they are both sweet on the girls.