Decencies [noun]

Definition of Decencies:

respectable behavior

Synonyms of Decencies:

Opposite/Antonyms of Decencies:

Sentence/Example of Decencies:

That too, I think, was a triumph for decency and justice in our country, but some other initiatives that he took about contracting and this or that.

Our honorees, including Ally Financial, M&C Saatchi Group and Comedy Central, were able to not only successfully pivot and innovate, but found the common thread of empathy and decency that would resonate with consumers.

A hard look at your own flaws, and how others put up with them — whether out of fondness for you or their own general sense of decency — can clear a path to your showing them the same forgiveness.

The President in particular showed no impulse to summon the nation to a higher calling by persuading enough people that something as simple as wearing a mask was an act of decency and patriotism.

Raising the “prices” conspiracy theorists pay for their fantasies, within the bounds of First Amendment protections and consistent with common decency, will help rein in the costs they impose on others.

You’ve said that “inclusion” is a fancy word for human decency.

You might hope Rubio would at least wait until the current president had the decency to concede before pronouncing the next one a failure.

I just felt it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see decency in action.

A feeling of pity for mademoiselle—perhaps of no more than decency—now overcame Marius.

Those required to sustain life and preserve decency, besides other things to maintain her in her social condition.