Depicts [verb]

Definition of Depicts:

describe, render in drawing or writing

Synonyms of Depicts:

Opposite/Antonyms of Depicts:

Sentence/Example of Depicts:

The statue depicts him in his middle thirties when he was at the height of his exploration career.

In your work, say the first, there is a very happy phrase which depicts most naturally what you meant to say.

The one next below that is in yellow, and depicts the goddess who stood in the west of the House of Dew-Drops.

Figure 64 depicts a fair example of the highest style of perfection to which these articles reached.

At first he depicts exclusively, and in single words, its passive side.

This passage, and the experience which it depicts, are the answer to such precipitate criticism.

The best of his poems are those entitled 'Night Songs,' in which he depicts a few night scenes.

This incident, trivial as it may be thought, emphatically depicts the destitution of our brave soldiers.

Nothing so faithfully depicts an age for its successors; they are worth all the histories and all the novels.

We note also that his novel is a descriptive novel, not a novel that simply depicts people speaking and moving.