Detentions [noun]

Definition of Detentions:

confinement, imprisonment

Synonyms of Detentions:

Opposite/Antonyms of Detentions:

Sentence/Example of Detentions:

What’s happening is that the government is creating detention camps all over the country.

The government has provided limited information, and sometimes a family’s last known address is … a detention center.

For example, often the last known address provided was an immigration detention center.

Prosecutors appealed the case, triggering Szutowicz’s current detention.

In the spring, Alma Migrante and other groups sued to improve safety in migrant detention facilities in Baja California.

The cause of Haggard's mysterious detention in Rome, and of their own sudden flitting, became at once clear to her.

This detention was very vexatious, for we were not only losing a fair wind, but lying in a very exposed situation.

By statute and order the Central Authority had authorised compulsory detention for four hours and the exaction of a task of work.

I raced upward along the same paths by which Prince Genner had led me to my own detention quarters.

Our primary object in proposing detention is neither punishment nor imprisonment.