Dispels [verb]

Definition of Dispels:

drive away thought, belief

Synonyms of Dispels:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dispels:

Sentence/Example of Dispels:

A nearer approach dispels the illusion, and it looks, as it is, rough and unseemly.

It often cowes enemies and dispels at the start opposition to one's undertakings which would otherwise be formidable.

The sun is up now, and a little wind is stirring and dispels the clammy dampness of the air.

They are about to worship him when Krishna dispels this knowledge and they look on him and Balarama as their sons.

Kolben dispels all doubt by saying: "These powderings are religious formalities."

A week at Phari dispels all illusions; only a bargee could adequately describe the place.

In the intervening period, it was for some years in the service of science, the noble orison that dispels the darkness.

It dispels the weariness of life, and makes a green spot of holiday within his daily work.

The true conception of it dispels many errors, not only of metaphysics and theology, but also of natural knowledge.

It is well known that at night coffee dispels fatigue, and that by the use of strong coffee sleep may be banished for a long time.