Dissects [verb]

Definition of Dissects:

cut up; take apart

Synonyms of Dissects:

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Sentence/Example of Dissects:

On his mission to exhume the metaphysics of quantum mechanics, Baggott does a remarkably thorough job dissecting the idea that quantum mechanics is linked to consciousness, a topic most writers tend to avoid.

Even though mathematicians have spent over 2,000 years dissecting the structure of the five Platonic solids — the tetrahedron, cube, octahedron, icosahedron and dodecahedron — there’s still a lot we don’t know about them.

To dissect what had been eaten, the team cut thin sections of the material from around the rocks and viewed them under a microscope.

Now we’ve spent a little time looking at what landing pages are, let’s now dissect the anatomy of one, focusing on the key components of a successful high-conversion landing page.

The team also dissected gut contents from other fish collected by spearfishing.

Now Richardson was a student who had long been anxious for that portion of the human subject to dissect.

After repeated efforts to dissect it we agreed with Tom, and found it not more edible than a pickled football.

When we start eating these guinea fowl I am going to dissect one to find out what its vocal cords are made of.

The demonstrator of anatomy urged him on; he finally was induced to dissect part of the infant.

It is not necessary to dissect to observe muscles; in fact, they can be seen in action only on the living subject.