Dissolves [verb]

Definition of Dissolves:

melt from solid to liquid; mix in

Synonyms of Dissolves:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dissolves:

Sentence/Example of Dissolves:

When treated with hydrochloric or acetic acid they slowly dissolve and rhombic crystals of uric acid appear.

Upon addition of acetic acid they dissolve, and rhombic plates of uric acid appear.

Dissolve the suspected stain in a few drops of normal salt solution upon a slide.

Should an association dissolve, then the members may divide its property among themselves.

He repairs to it with eagerness, and clings to it with a tenacity that time cannot relax, nor all the agonies of death dissolve.

There are acids that completely dissolve bone tissue and even clothing but circumstances usually reveal these crimes.

Strong alcohol was used in order to dissolve as much of the tar as possible.

"Thank you, captain," said Jem, who proceeded instantly to stir and dissolve the clay and pour it carefully away as it dissolved.

This deposition will make the solution unsaturated with respect to the smaller crystals and more of these will dissolve.

When water is added to solid silver acetate, the salt will dissolve.