Drifts [noun]

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In this view, play is to creativity what genetic drift is to evolution and what heat is to self-assembling molecules.

The random rise or fall of gene variants in a population is known as genetic drift.

A handmade soap booth sent drifts of lavender into the unseasonably warm air.

To make matters worse, ankle monitors are prone to technical glitches such as signal loss and drift, prohibitively short battery life, and inaccurate alerts sent to monitoring agencies.

Conditions in Oregon are unprecedented, with fire and smoke drift threatening every wine-producing region in the state, according to the Oregon Wine Board.

They stopped, leaning over a jagged fence made of sea-drift, to ask for water.

Quite a number of sandeaters, as time passed, seemed to drift in and out of the back room.

For all that Marius had no Italian he understood the drift of the words, assisted as they were by the man's expressive gesture.

And they will jump into the air from the verge of high banks, and land on the drift at the bottom with perfect balance.

Their effect is, however, probably small as compared with that massive drift which we have now to note.