Duffel [noun]

Definition of Duffel:

container for one's possesions

Synonyms of Duffel:

Opposite/Antonyms of Duffel:


Sentence/Example of Duffel:

If his camp grows into a house frequented by sportsmen, there will be a duffel room to contain all manner of unclassified things.

Fig. 222 shows a pack harness of straps by which two duffel bags are borne on the back.

So all of you scouts pack that little fact down in the corner of your duffel bags and take it home with you.

On it you will find Duffel, provided you are cautious and wary in your movements.

She could presume on Duffel's cowardice, but she dare not trust his word or his oath.

And wouldn't it spite Duffel just as much if we should take her back?

Duffel the man and villain was subdued, and Duffel the boy was again come to life.

Duffel also heard the report and felt the shaking, and it filled him with alarm.

How strange that Mr. Mandeville should be so easily deceived in regard to Duffel!

Wait a while longer for that Hadley, and if he don't come, then go to meet Duffel.