Getting [noun]

Definition of Getting:

the act of procuring

Synonyms of Getting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Getting:

Sentence/Example of Getting:

I was right, so it seems, about getting ashore before the enemy could see to shoot out to sea.

When it was too late, I could think of half a dozen ways we might have avoided getting held up.

No doubt these very batteries are now getting back into concealed positions where our ships' guns will not be able to find them.

Each seems satisfied with the way his own branch is getting on: Winter is the quicker worker.

He did not think of the matter again till just as he was getting into bed, when he noticed a red stain upon his handkerchief.

I'm getting rather bored, you know, Georgie, with the fuss people make in town.

"But I don't see what you can shoot with it," said Davy, feeling that he was somehow getting the worst of the argument.

I am thankful that prolonged mourning is out of date; it made a fright of me and was getting on my nerves.

Yet he succeeded in getting many to take the agency and these received orders and sent for the books.

Whoever succeeded in getting the ring on his stick won the game, and carried the prize home as a sign of victory.