Materialists [noun]

Definition of Materialists:

person who is leery, unbelieving

Synonyms of Materialists:

Opposite/Antonyms of Materialists:

Sentence/Example of Materialists:

But first, let us do so from the materialist's own stand-point.

But we put it on the irrefragable logic of the materialist's own premises and conclusions.

“The external world,” says the Materialist––“Does not exist,” says the Idealist.

In short, the cow does fulfill the materialist theory of history: that is why the cow has no history.

It is customary to condemn the American as a materialist because of his worship of success.

The materialist answers: "The matter of the brain creates thought."

The materialist and the sceptic have forcible arguments on their side.

No materialist can deny the correctness of that complexion to which we all must come at last.

The transformation of the mystic was sustaining the hypothesis of the materialist.

He was an Infidel, or, as he chose to term it, a Materialist.