Ordinal [noun]

Definition of Ordinal:

unit of the mathematical system

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Sentence/Example of Ordinal:

Phauloptera: an ordinal term for the scale insects (Laporte 1835).

Ordinal—That form of the numeral that shows the order of anything in a series.

If the ordinal expression of number be used on the title-page, the figures may be given, and the ordinal termination omitted.

An 'ordinal' is a book showing the order of church services and ceremonies.

Ordinal numerals are adjectives which answer the question "Which in order?"

He was not given the title of king, and no ordinal number followed his name.

A full stop is placed after most abbreviations, after initial letters, and after ordinal numbers in Roman characters.

Being adjectives, the Ordinal Numbers take the plural j and accusative n when necessary.

Others give lists of the cardinal and ordinal numbers in French, and one adds to these a nomenclature of the different colours.

Twelve is, 'two and ten;' and twelfth, 'second after the tenth, the ordinal of twelve.'