Piles [noun]

Definition of Piles:

heap, collection

Synonyms of Piles:

Opposite/Antonyms of Piles:




Sentence/Example of Piles:

For whereas three candidates were in nomination, the ballots were forming but two piles.

These piles were stems, or trunks of trees, sharpened with stone or bronze tools.

The piles of vegetables on the pavement now extended to the verge of the roadway.

Piles of anti-submarine devices were taken from the holds of these ships.

The house was but a glorified hut on piles, unfenced and lonely.

Robert was making his way, the while, amid the piles of the wharf.

When all these piles are lighted, the city will be one sea of fire.

The Incubator kids swings like they was on a pivot, and piles in after him.

There were not enough men to roll them down to the river, nor to "deck" them there in piles.

They are the piles that upheld a bridge in the summer of 1814.