Rationing [verb]

Definition of Rationing:

divide something into portions

Synonyms of Rationing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rationing:

Sentence/Example of Rationing:

There is scarcely any meat but horse-meat, and the government is now rationing.

At present, it is only attached to my command for convenience of rationing and pay.

"And here's just the man to take charge of rationing the water," said Cooper.

She's done it simply because I told her to-night that rationing is definitely coming in.

Under the present system of rationing, this demand for moderation does not seem excessive.

I can only entreat the author to continue this rationing of sentiment for our mutual benefit.

The hospitable influence of the new scheme of rationing spread very rapidly.

The restaurants are still fairly supplied; so that the system of rationing is not yet carried out in its integrity.

I hear that on the present scale of rationing there is enough for five more distributions.

Rationing may come yet, but any such system bristles with difficulties.