Regaled [verb]

Definition of Regaled:

throw a party; have fun

Synonyms of Regaled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Regaled:

Sentence/Example of Regaled:

He waved his arms, airing his grievance with which for an hour past he had regaled me.

Their nostrils were regaled with the savory fumes of the cooking meat.

Geraldine regaled his spiritual man with the press notices, which were tremendous.

You surely don't expect to be regaled with incense or attar of roses.

We were, however, regaled with a smoke which made us shed tears.

On all sides the sounds of festivity, of music, and dancing, regaled the ear.

The guests were regaled with the greatest profusion of barbarian hospitality.

During the rest of the breakfast Marjorie regaled her mother with an account of the dance.

And forthwith my eyes were regaled with a variety of temptations.

Dining with the Marchioness who owned the above river, he was regaled on a 10lb.