Sauntered [verb]

Definition of Sauntered:

stroll along

Synonyms of Sauntered:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sauntered:






Sentence/Example of Sauntered:

He turned sharply and sauntered toward the open door of the house.

As the girl entered the stable, Mortimer sauntered on in the direction Mike had gone.

Presently he sauntered out: the morning stir was just beginning in the village.

One Spring morning we had got up early and sauntered out together.

I asked Charley one day, as we sauntered with our cigars on the terrace of the Adelphi.

Then he sauntered back to his work with his pipe under full blast.

Arrived at the rendezvous, Fandor sauntered along, awaiting developments.

Master Bartlett sauntered up to take part in the conversation.

He sauntered on again, evidently disgusted at our lack of appreciation.

Out of the church at that moment, grand air and all, sauntered Peter Blood.