Skipping [verb]

Definition of Skipping:

bounce or jump over

Synonyms of Skipping:

Opposite/Antonyms of Skipping:

Take on






Sentence/Example of Skipping:

Look again, fellows, and see if they show any signs of skipping.

I was always laughing and skipping about like a featherbrain.

Her heels in the air like little girls playing at skipping, and crying "Father!"

Here is where the art of skipping is to be rigorously applied.

She hurried away, skipping toward the dressing room building.

Surely he did not think of skipping the party, for the horses were abandoned.

On went the ship, and on went the life-preserver, skipping and dancing over the waves.

It's about as likely as seeing Miss Cavendish performing with a skipping rope.

Running, skipping, and jumping, they burst again into the summer-house.

He walked as if he were skipping, and muttered continuously to himself.