Subjugates [verb]

Definition of Subjugates:

overpower, defeat

Synonyms of Subjugates:

Opposite/Antonyms of Subjugates:

Sentence/Example of Subjugates:

Abyssinia, though Italy attempted to subjugate it, is again also independent.

They wished not only to subjugate the European, but the Asiatic mind.

They weren't trying to subjugate the Huks, but to make them behave.

Well then, they must know her as well as Mr. Harby, they must first be subjugate to her.

The Hun had failed to subjugate the world, and he was a barbarous, mad creature.

It's another to subjugate a foreign realm and rule it by fear.

He has many faults, but nothing can subjugate or intimidate him.

The author of L'Assommoir had like Alexander sighed for new worlds to subjugate.

Our duty is to tame, subjugate, infatuate, and control them.

Not to subjugate, but to liberate, is the object of our Holy War.