Threshold [noun]

Definition of Threshold:

opening; beginning

Synonyms of Threshold:

Opposite/Antonyms of Threshold:

Sentence/Example of Threshold:

Banstead lingered by the threshold and took up an illustrated paper.

He rose, saw Katherine, Austin, and Viviette on the threshold.

She was upon her knees on the threshold—her arms crossed over her breast.

As he crossed the threshold, he turned round and blessed me.

His torch will be at the threshold and his knife at the throat of the planter.

Kirkwood, watching and following to the threshold, inserted the key.

Now, when the Alderman saw that strange round thing at his threshold he was afraid.

He was no sooner over the threshold than she slammed the door shut, in spite of the heat.

On the threshold, she turned back and looked again at his face.

John opened the door; the faithful servant was waiting on the threshold.