Wiz [noun]

Definition of Wiz:

person who is highly skilled

Synonyms of Wiz:

Opposite/Antonyms of Wiz:

Sentence/Example of Wiz:

I was jes' finkin' I was wiz her, and she was divin' me somefin' dood to eat.

He taught no more, I held him fast,And killed him wiz a rough.

"I'm going to cut th' deacon's head off wiz it," she replied blandly.

She was not wiz you in your balloon when you came down at Dornhof.

And wiz ze strange ideas of your country, it makes you feel bad.

Wiz you for ze bird of zat paradise, oh, I shall be so happy.

Zat ees nozzing, mon capitaine—a leetle cut like wiz a Barlow—like zat!

My poor b'loved hussam whass I have endured f'r twenty-fi' years wiz aller Chrissen forcitude of—where is my poor hussam?

You vill leave ze prisonaire; aussi, you will leave ze Captain Goff wiz ze rope tie on hees hand and on hees feets.

"He bought it wiz his very own money," Nell went on to explain before she could be stopped.