Adventurers [noun]

Definition of Adventurers:

person who takes risks

Synonyms of Adventurers:

Opposite/Antonyms of Adventurers:


Sentence/Example of Adventurers:

Gregory’s new line of packs is tailored specifically for plus-sized adventurers.

Since November 2017, Elise Wortley has been following in the footsteps of some of history’s great women adventurers.

The severity and speed of flash floods make them one of the most harrowing weather events adventurers might encounter.

Meanwhile, he recognized that Southeast Alaska offered unparalleled opportunities for hunters, fishermen, and adventurers.

The company is hoping to attract adventurers who will actively contribute to creating a community based on shared outdoor values—something it hopes to ensure with an application process.

And we will also settle and assure the particular rights and interests of every planter and adventurer.

He usually wore his pale-grey felt hat at a slight angle, and had the air of the easy-going adventurer, debonair and unscrupulous.

Still, he cultivated his easy-going cosmopolitanism to pose as a careless adventurer.

The crowd laughed; and another adventurer, nothing dismayed, succeeded him in the attempt, and in the failure.

Their eyes fixed, their mouths agape, their hands clasped, they listened with increasing avidity to the Gascon adventurer.