Aphids [noun]

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When a mite or aphid munches on the plant, the volatile may be released to attract insects that will eat the mites or aphids.

The aphis-lions crawling over the plants come across the little aphid.

And then the ant went to another aphid, and did the same thing.

The reproduction of the Aphid constitutes one of the most interesting chapters in the history of the animal kingdom.

Almost instantly, it seemed, the mild-eyed aphid was a shrunken empty sack.

The heterogamy of the allied Coccid is practically the same as that of the Aphid.

Let the pupils see an aphid sucking the juice of a plant; this may be done by bringing in a twig infested by aphids.

He laughed in my face, and brought forward certain well-known facts in the reproduction of the aphid or cabbage-louse.

I once observed a young spider approaching an aphid, which was facing its enemy.

Aphid (af'-id) The plant louse, of which there are a great many kinds.