Backings [noun]

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Launched four years ago with the backing of Elon Musk, Neuralink has been working on futuristic neural interfaces that seamlessly listen in on the brain’s electrical signals, and at the same time, “write” into the brain with electrical pulses.

Billions of dollars in backing from major Hollywood studios.

We haven’t seen any polls here, but Gurtler appears to have the most financial backing, even though Clyde had outraised Gurtler about $877,000 to $660,000 as of July 22.

How a UBI can be initiated with political will and social backing and paid for by governments has been hotly debated by economists and UBI enthusiasts.

Bobby Duffy, King’s College London and Daniel Allington, King’s College LondonThere remains near-universal backing for the coronavirus lockdown among the UK public.

"Ah, then I shall meet them at noon," replied the smart officer, backing his bay horse.

Dark rumours of shady things which had been done in his name rendered men shy of backing his horses.

He kept his promise and had the satisfaction of knowing that both his clients were backing him heartily.

"Yes, I'll write," nodded Quentina, backing sorrowfully away.

Too much care cannot be taken to obtain both facing and backing bricks of equal size.