Befogs [verb]

Definition of Befogs:

cloud, steam up

Synonyms of Befogs:

Opposite/Antonyms of Befogs:

Sentence/Example of Befogs:

All these mysteries that befog us are not mysteries really; they are the mother-tongue of nature.

Partisan politics befog the tariff issue afloat as well as ashore, and one's course is not easy to chart.

The schools, in their general mix-up of titles, certainly befog the public mind.

Their position is strongest when they maintain that these topics have a tendency to befog the intellect.

I think I have read somewhere that the function of present-day criticism is to befog the mind and blur the object criticised.

It could be done only by one whom all the world had conspired to befog and befool about his importance in the scheme of things.

Rather than adapt their lives to their consciousness, they try by every means to befog and to silence it.

In such wise, Douglas labored to befog and discredit the issues for which the new party stood.

She was hurt, but she did not let the hurt befog her sense of justice.

And we should not befog the issue by saying that this is degrading.