Betokened [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Betokened:

The financial burden of the war, as the full measure of it dawned upon our minds, seemed to betoken a universal bankruptcy.

And Kark telling Earl Hakon his dream said he thought it might betoken a short life 61 for him.

At my last encounter they had contented themselves with following us home, but now everything seemed to betoken mischief.

Certainly her airs and graces, her plumes and jewelry, seemed to betoken that her finances were in a flourishing condition.

Johnsen was pale and had something nervous about his manner, which seemed to betoken a wish to bring the interview to a close.

A cifre tokens not, bot he makes e figure to betoken at comes aftur hym more an he schuld & he were away, as us 1.

And euery vnite in e nounbre at schalle come ere-of schal betoken ten.

"He" was spoken about in a manner that did not betoken unfailing love and perfect confidence.

Nevertheless, this quick darting about of the fickle breeze did not usually betoken lasting bad weather.

I entered the great gallery, therefore, with something of curiosity, to know what this might betoken.