Blockades [noun]

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Beijing imposed new tariffs and blockades on Australian imports shortly after the resolution passed, even though the scope of the investigation is much smaller than what Canberra had hoped for.

On a recent morning at Zhou’s third-floor walk-up apartment, he and his colleague, Ouyang Ruoyu, took out their phones to demonstrate the blockade.

Apple is hoping to remove enough critics that they can get away with their blockade on competition.

Facing a blockade similar to what TikTok and WeChat now face, ZTE cut a deal.

It was the longest internet blockade ever in the democratic world.

President Lincoln had declared a blockade of the Southern ports as soon as the war had started.

The tumbled masses of slate-stratum fallen over one another was a proof that the blockade had been recently made.

The sea trade of the country had been destroyed by the vigorous blockade which the Dutch ships of war maintained along the coast.

This outbreak led to a joint British and German blockade, which seriously hampered trade operations.

This paper blockade was the challenge which called forth the Berlin Decree from Napoleon.