Deeming [verb]

Definition of Deeming:

regard, consider

Synonyms of Deeming:

Opposite/Antonyms of Deeming:

Sentence/Example of Deeming:

We’ll continue to operate as much as we can virtually as we monitor the situation in hopes of returning to play when it’s deemed safe.

While the mission was deemed a success, SpaceX did make some important changes to the capsule as a result of the flight, including reinforcing the heat shield, which protects the crew as the Dragon spacecraft reenters the atmosphere.

Students can also switch from in-person back to virtual at any point, if they deem the environment unsafe.

This section of Doyle Drive was deemed seismically unsafe, and California OK’d its demolition.

About a dozen years ago, a couple climbers in the Wasatch started a thing called No-Star Tuesdays, in which they would pick a bunch of routes that a local guidebook had deemed to deserve zero stars and go climb them.

The State Department has worked to revoke visas for those they deem working to influence the election.

Alabama’s team physician, Jimmy Robinson, said at the time that according to the SEC’s coronavirus protocols, the three negative tests allowed Saban’s initial result to be deemed a “false positive.”

Anyone officially deemed later in the process to have been a high-risk close contact faces a mandatory five-day isolation period.

In 2010, six Bristol Bay tribes petitioned the EPA to intervene and block the mine’s development, and after years of study and legal battles, the agency deemed the mine too great of a risk to the area’s salmon.

Fashion is known for being so cyclical that even styles once deemed questionable, like high-waisted mom jeans, eventually find a new audience.