Delivers [verb]

Definition of Delivers:

transfer, carry

Synonyms of Delivers:

Opposite/Antonyms of Delivers:

Sentence/Example of Delivers:

Who, indeed, delivers a message or brings back an answer better than Parmenion?

The postman delivers too many letters on that block to concern himself with postmarks.

God delivers into your hands that teeming soil, its palaces, its beautiful women, its treasures.

In these affairs no aim is taken at individual antagonists; the soldier delivers his fire at the thickest mass in his front.

He comforts the disappointed and heartbroken people and delivers his great restoration messages.

It is on this plan that Edison has now constructed a phonograph which delivers its reproduction to a roomful of people.

The maxim, "Righteousness delivers from death," applies to books as well as to men.

When the miner has obtained a sufficient amount, he takes it to the Mint and delivers it to the Superintendent.

Faith delivers us from grossness of spirit, from lethargy, earthliness, stupor.

The ship owner tilted his head, set finger tip to finger tip, assumed the air of one who delivers judgment.