Depredations [noun]

Definition of Depredations:

devastation, destruction

Synonyms of Depredations:

Opposite/Antonyms of Depredations:

Sentence/Example of Depredations:

The only other predator found was raccoons, which made up for 22 to 28 percent of nest depredation.

The force thus put together was, however, calculated only for depredation, and never became equal to any essential service.

The manner in which the burglary was effected leaves little doubt that the depredation was committed by the same gang of thieves.

Luther proposes remedies for all these evils, and energetically arouses the German nobility to put an end to Roman depredation.

Were gentlemen willing to submit to this: to raise the embargo, and subject our trade to this depredation?

Are they prepared to say the embargo shall be raised, while our commerce is subjected to this kind of depredation?

Of these, at least half were in active depredation all over the section.

I was an apt scholar, and returned to the bosom of society, an adept in the science of polished depredation.

The practice of living by depredation runs in families, and clings to individuals.

Let there be no interference with the affairs of the companies involved and above all let there be no act of depredation.