Distills [verb]

Definition of Distills:

make pure; draw out something

Synonyms of Distills:

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Sentence/Example of Distills:

Still, Abovitz never figured out how to distill the magic produced by the enormous prototypes into a viable product, former employees said.

The team will then take these proofs and try to distill the techniques, or strategies, that make them work.

For our field guide to decision making, Quartz spoke to more than a dozen experts, and reviewed books and research to distill the critical steps.

It may be too soon to distill the lessons from these case studies.

Given one of these highly structured lists, Roth had the idea to distill its structure by mapping its “frequency spectrum,” using what’s called the Fourier transform.

In the case of other authors of this series I have had to distill the essence of their philosophy from the leaves of many volumes.

That in stoking a fire, a small amount should be added at a time because of the heat required to warm and distill the fresh coal.

At six eyes he wept: the tears Adown three chins distill'd with bloody foam.

The words foretell, distill, instill and fulfill, retain the ll of their primitives.

Betty came over the next morning to spend the day and help Miss Recompense to distill.