Ensnared [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Ensnared:

If a sundew ensnares something inedible, it promptly releases the non-nutritious offender from its grasp.

Hence if the reader is to be ensnared into absorbing something useful, it must be hidden somehow among the flowers.

Logs once ensnared in this backwater could be taken out only at the cost of much time and labour.

Having ensnared these wretches, they sent word to the Thugs, and got paid for the commission in proportion to the total profit.

So that business was let fall; for the Judge saw clearly enough that instead of ensnaring me, Major Ceely had ensnared himself.

Then Simon Broadstreet, finding himself and his company ensnared by their own words, asked if we came to catch them.

And he possessed all manner of gifts which cannot be told, and these then ensnared him through the devising of Athene.'

She was the abhorred delusion, who captured him by his nerves, ensnared his word—the doing of a foul witch.

But it was the very impossibility and security that ensnared her, that blinded those around her.

The girl had been duped and ensnared by the creature's wiles.