Environments [noun]

Definition of Environments:

surroundings, atmosphere

Synonyms of Environments:

Opposite/Antonyms of Environments:


Sentence/Example of Environments:

I was bound to a girl whose sweet disposition and great beauty were her only attractions, and whose environments made me shudder.

Landy did not go in the return trip to "Pinnacle P'int" as he termed the mine and its environments.

He could not help contrasting the difference between his environments here and those in Orangeville.

They were fitted by nature and by their environments for that life, and they were gifted with revelations of the unseen.

Stations C-5 and E-2 were the lowermost environments in which this redhorse was taken.

Judged by his environments and contrasted with any other of the Spanish conquistadores he was an angel of light.

It is wonderful and blessed how human nature can accommodate itself to altered environments.

Let me here briefly describe Chancellorsville and its environments as I saw them during the battle.

And then the count spoke again in his odd, detached way, as if he were contemplating his environments from afar.

Possibly in drier environments the species characteristically inhabits bromeliads, at least in the dry season.