Habitat [noun]

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Communities are working to remove the river’s dams, restoring habitat for fish and other wildlife.

Environmental advocates argue that fossil fuel production in ANWR will add to this process, damaging habitat and impacting the Indigenous people who rely on the wildlife for subsistence.

Over the past few months, with fewer vessels crisscrossing the seas, aquatic animals have reveled in their habitat.

Most of this is to better understand the ecology of bears and other carnivores, to make sure we are protecting the habitats that are truly best for them.

Other research has shown that leopards have lost about three-fourths of their historic habitat.

Yet only a few thousand years later, woolly rhinos died out, probably because temperatures had risen enough to reshape arctic habitats.

These three areas provide habitat for more than 300 species of birds as well as marine animals like leopard sharks and bottlenose dolphins.

Microbes in deeper sediments might use even less power, while cells in other sub-seafloor habitats, such as the rocks of the Earth’s crust, might use more.

Factors such as climate change and habitat loss may be partly to blame.

Selling wild animals at markets or shrinking their natural habitat can jumble together species that wouldn’t normally meet.