Exceeded [verb]

Definition of Exceeded:

be superior to; surpass

Synonyms of Exceeded:

Opposite/Antonyms of Exceeded:

Sentence/Example of Exceeded:

The guidance suggests testing staff twice a week if positivity rate in a county exceeds 10 percent.

Statewide, officials recommend no indoor social gatherings exceed 25 people.

The chess engine, an open-source program called STOCKFISH 8, has an estimated Elo-rating exceeding 3,200 points—Elo being the now-universal player-ranking system.

The staggering volume of claims exceeded expectations of the victims’ lawyers and could further complicate a restructuring process that is coming at the worst possible time for the Boy Scouts.

After that, teachers who do not have exemptions would need to return if student demand for in-person learning exceeds the number of teachers who volunteered to come back.

Rwanda’s and Bolivia’s legislatures currently exceed 50% women.

Despite these caveats, the results have exceeded expectations.

Dozens of weather disasters each year cause damages exceeding a billion dollars each—and the economic toll caused by the most extreme events has been escalating, as Hurricane Laura and the California wildfires are proving yet again.

Democrats, who did not win a single Iowa county that they'd lost in 2016, exceeded Hillary Clinton's vote from that year.

In October, cases began to pick up, with the daily count exceeding 2,000 for the first time this fall.