Experimental [adjective]

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Einstein was doubted for two decades, and cosmologists are still searching for experimental proofs of relativity.

Instead, Utah and Washington both had different counties adopt the system at different times, providing a shifting set of experimental and control conditions.

The team searched for experimental issues that could explain the result, but came up empty.

The country has offered experimental vaccines to officials at state enterprises in China.

If evolution was a scientist, then centenarians, and the rest of us, are two experimental groups in action.

The physicists who run the world’s most sensitive experimental search for dark matter have seen something strange.

That analysis suggests a shorter lifetime of about 13 minutes, but the large experimental uncertainty on that figure means that it is still consistent with both previous types of measurements.

The unluckier experimental rats got less than 9%, almost total sleep loss.

Casadio, who was not part of this study, says the new work is a good example of what’s called experimental archaeology.

They’ve been systematically examining why interventions that work well in experimental or research settings often fail to scale up.