Fleshiness [noun]

Definition of Fleshiness:


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Sentence/Example of Fleshiness:

She must carefully consider each detail of her dress, making sure that it does not in any way accentuate her fleshiness.

Where had been soft blue tracings were red and angry veins; where had been gracious roundness was gross fleshiness.

Neither doth the soft fleshiness seem ever to swell into corpulence; and many of the older people are rather spare or lean.

It is the same in the toes, and it will be more perceptible in proportion to their fleshiness.

In color he is similar to an American Indian, and is inclined to fleshiness.

Aw, cut it out, pleaded Bob, who was sensitive about his fleshiness.

I will admit that at one stage of my life, I regarded fleshiness as a desirable asset.

A lamp hung above him, and his light white clothing displayed the fleshiness of his big, loosely-hung frame.

Generally speaking phlegmatic persons are inclined to fleshiness.

This parallel shading gives a great beauty of 101surface and fleshiness to a drawing.