Megalomania [noun]

Definition of Megalomania:


Opposite/Antonyms of Megalomania:

Sentence/Example of Megalomania:

The old leonine fellow was transfigured, as though by megalomania.

But does that sort of megalomania express a genuine self-confidence?

For, if I could guess at the signs at all, it was megalomania.

His comrades claimed that he was suffering from megalomania.

But the megalomania of the Teutons has only been one of the contributory causes.

It is megalomania and egotism and the pride of the man in the Bible that waxed fat and kicked.

His megalomania naturally detracted from the esteem won by his piety.

That megalomania should have seized the mind of the Liberator under circumstances like these is not strange.

Megalomania, the vain imagination of being a superman, is generally characteristic of magicians.

Imperialism without noble imaginations, it seemed to him, was simply nationalism with megalomania.