Musketeers [noun]

Definition of Musketeers:

person serving in military

Opposite/Antonyms of Musketeers:


Sentence/Example of Musketeers:

"No, Planchet, I am not even asleep," replied the musketeer.

"You think it is not beautiful enough, perhaps," said the musketeer.

The musketeer entered the room with a vague smile on his lips.

Baisemeaux interrupted the musketeer in the middle of his revelations.

The prelate had again a little touch of the musketeer about him.

And the musketeer, turning cavalierly on his heel, disappeared.

"It is my profession to die for his majesty," said the musketeer.

"I forget nothing, sire," said the musketeer, wounded by this lesson.

The musketeer had certain scruples on the matter, it must be admitted.

"Let us see," said the musketeer, placing his ear near Aramis's mouth.