Plough [verb]

Definition of Plough:

cultivate land

Synonyms of Plough:

Opposite/Antonyms of Plough:

Sentence/Example of Plough:

The plough looks a bit glum, but she'll grow to like us presently.

Then he reached out both hands vaguely and touched the shaft of the plough.

She unbuttoned the mackintosh and spread it on the bar of the plough and sat down.

A harrow and a plough live there; they're sure to be at home on a day like this.

The action of the plough has often obliterated the traces of ancient barrows.

I go out at daybreak, driving the oxen to field, and I yoke them to the plough.

A ploughland was as much land as one plough with oxen could plough in a year.

As I think I have remarked elsewhere, the Republic is founded on the plough.

With these were also granted 6,000 oxen accustomed to the plough, as well as supplies of seeds, &c.

To-morrow I begin my operations as a farmer, and so God speed the plough!